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Aaron Rodgers blasts head coach Matt LaFleur

This doesn't bode well for Green Bay.

The Football Feed

The Green Bay Packers may have earned an upset win a week ago against the visiting Dallas Cowboys, but they were sent right back into the loss column on Thursday against the Tennessee Titans. Green Bay is now a paltry 4-7 so far in 2022, and their postseason chances are slipping away. 

The big story a week ago wasn't the Packers victory, but rather when cameras caught quarterback Aaron Rodgers absolutely going off on head coach Matt LaFleur, clearly upset about a play call. And he soon explained the source of his frustrations. 

“Just every single play call, probably,” Rodgers bluntly told reporters when asked what he was upset about, per the team. “Yeah, I felt like we were like 30 yards from ending the game in regulation. And also felt like it was two-minute (offense) so I was going to be calling those (plays). And I was in a pretty good rhythm, obviously I didn’t have a ton of attempts tonight, but I felt like I was in a pretty good rhythm. I felt like I threw the ball just about exactly where I wanted to tonight. So I wanted a chance to go win the game.”

LaFleury seemed to agree with his quarterback, taking the blame.

“A lot of times we get in those situations we give Aaron a ton of freedom to run the show. And he does a great job of it,” LaFleur told reporters, per the team. “So, hindsight is 20-20, but that was on me. Totally.”

The Packers are next in action against the Philadelphia Eagles on November 27.