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Aaron Rodgers explains why he departed 1st half early this afternoon

The reining NFL MVP was noticeably absent for the 1st half's final snap.

Michael Whitaker

It was a battle to the finish this afternoon at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis between the Minnesota Vikings and the visiting Green Bay Packers, ultimately resulting in a walk-off win for the host Vikings. It was Greg Joseph's 27-yard field goal as time expired that gave the Vikings the important victory. 

However, Packers quarterback and current NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers didn't take the final snap of the first half, departing early. Television cameras caught Rodgers in the tunnel on the way to the locker room prior to the expiration of the game's opening 30 minutes. 

He would reveal to reporters after the game that the reason was that he re-aggravated a toe injury during the 1st half when it was stepped on by an opponent:

“Gonna have to get to the bye and hope I can get some some healing over the bye week,” Rodgers said. 

He also said that the injury is  “a little worse that turf toe". 

Rodgers, who would return to action, finished the game 22-of-33 passing with 385 yards and four touchdowns. The Packers dropped to 8-3, while the Vikings improved to 5-5. The Rams will be facing the Los Angeles Rams next week before their bye week, while the Vikings move on to face the 49ers.