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Aaron Rodgers' injury screws the Packers over

Wide ranging consequences of the Achilles tear.

The Football Feed

The Football Feed

The season for New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers is officially over, having lasted a mere four plays in his debut on Monday night against the Buffalo Bills before being felled by a torn Achilles. An MRI the following day confirmed the grim diagnosis, meaning that the starting quarterback duties for the Jets now belong to Zach Wilson for the remainder of the schedule. 

And as you remember, it was a blockbuster trade between the Jets and the Green Bay Packers that landed Rodgers in New York. But now, thanks to his injury, the Packers are actually suffering a setback. Green Bay will now not be receiving a first round draft pick from the Jets, which was contingent on Rodgers taking at least 65% of the snaps for the Jets in 2023. 

Talk about an unfortunate setback for both teams. 

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