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Adam Schefter leaks Aaron Rodgers' alleged plans!

Is this what Rodgers will be doing?

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Where will he be playing in 2023? Will he play at all? 

Those are some of the top questions surrounding this NFL offseason with regards to current Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Despite still having term on his contract, he's rumored to be considering retirement or perhaps even joining a new team.

So, what does ESPN's Adam Schefter have to say about what he believes Rodgers plans for 2023 are? 

“My sense is there continues to be more and more signs about him leaving Green Bay,” Schefter explained on "SportsCenter" on Friday. “And I think in the end, my sense is ultimately it will come down to whether he wants to play elsewhere, which would be really the New York Jets, or whether he wants to retire. To me, those are the two most logical options and the two most likely scenarios here. But again, we have not heard from Aaron Rodgers himself.”

"We have heard the Packers talk about Jordan Love and how much belief they have in him and how much progress he's made. And I think he's their quarterback of the future here, clearly. And they continue to wait for the decision from Aaron Rodgers, who knows that at some point in time, he's said the Packers have had conversations about him with other teams. And that's why I believe that it's going to either be the New York Jets or retirement in the end. And we'll see how this shakes out, but there's nothing yet from Aaron Rodgers. It has to come soon."

It certainly would be an interesting sight to see, Rodgers playing in a different uniform in 2023. Will it happen?