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Allen Lazard says Aaron Rodgers is why he chose Jets

He's not worried.

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The Football Feed

Former Green Bay Packers wide receiver Allen Lazard said that quarterback Aaron Rodgers was a driving force behind his choosing to sign a $44 million deal with the New York Jets, as the former NFL MVP has said that it's his preference to take his talents to the Empire State and take a page out of former Packers QB Brett Favre's book and also suit up for the Jets. 

But while the sports world waits for a Rodgers to Jets deal to happen, Lazard said that there's nothing to worry about and that a deal eventually will get done. 

"There's no worry on my end," Lazard said of the stalemate between the Jets and the Packers. "Especially knowing that Aaron has his full-on commitment to being a New York Jet this year."

Lazard also explained that Rodgers is able to "light a lot of fire underneath" guys on the Jets given his playoff experience. meanwhile, the Jets also brought in former Packers offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett in the same position, another reason why Rodgers was adamant about wanting to play for the Jets. 

Source: Fox News