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Analyst: Jerry Jones won't re-sign Dak Prescott

One particular analyst believes Dak Prescott is as good as gone.

Michael W.

The future of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott with the only franchise that he's ever suited up for will be with another team, according to one particular NFL analyst. 

In the mind of Craig Carton of “The Carton Show”, Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones will not be writing a major check for Prescott to re-sign with the team and that if that was really his desire, it would be finished by now. 

Hey, do me a favor, put this out there, let people know who really want Dak Prescott to come back, yeah,he recently stated.You’ve had the entire offseason to have Dak Prescott locked up to come back. You’ve had all last year if you really wanted -to lock Dak Prescott up and guarantee he’s coming back.

But here, Jerry Jones is being quite specific, I think, in regards to Dak Prescott and others. And he’s not writing that big check, you know, he’s willing to let Dak Prescott -get to the free agency.

It has been a source of worry for some Cowboys fans given the fact that Prescott has yet to be re-signed, and appears content to head into the upcoming season playing out the final year of his deal without an extension in place. 

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Source: Yardbarker