Antonio Brown accused of obtaining fake COVID-19 vaccination card

His model girlfriend is involved

Emricka Moreau
Antonio Brown accused of obtaining fake COVID-19 vaccination card

According to ESPN, the Tampa Bay Times found out that Antonio Brown is not vaccinated. Just like Aaron Rodgers, he was around his teammates without any mask or protection, which is against NFL rules. The Times reported that Brown's girlfriend, model Cydney Moreau, asked Brown's former personal chef, Steven Ruiz, to obtain a fake COVID-19 vaccination card. She offered Ruiz 500$ for the card.

Ruiz confirmed that couple weeks after that, Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide received showed Ruiz that he bought a fake card for himself and his girlfriend. Brown didn't want to get vaccinated because of the side effects. Ruiz decided to drop this huge bomb against Brown because Antonio Brown owns him 10000$ and he never paid him. 

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization released a statement concerning vaccination card.

"All vaccination cards were reviewed by Buccaneers personnel and no irregularities were observed."

-Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization

Brown's attorney told ESPN reporter Jenna Laine that he denies all accusations and said his client would be more than willing to get a booster shot live on TV. 

"If Antonio's doctors and the guidelines require a booster shot, then at that time, he'll be happy to do it live on TV and everyone can come watch."

-Sean Burstyn, Antonio Brown's lawyer

Cydney Moreau, Brown's girlfriend, told the Times she has never met Ruiz before and she denied all his accusations.

Brian McCarthy, spokesperson of the NFL, said that the NFL was aware of it and are currently speaking with the Bucs. 

Brown missed week 3 because of a positive covid test four days before the game against the Los Angeles Rams. He also missed the past 3 weeks because of an ankle injury. 

Vaccination is not required by the NFL but they are rules to follow if a player doesn't wanna get the vaccine. Like no steam room, no eating with the team, mask on everywhere and obviously daily testing.

His career used to be more about football. He went from one of the best wide receiver in the league to the one with the most problems off the field. 

The Bucs will be playing on Monday Night Football this week against the New York Giants at 8:15 EST on ESPN. Bucs are 6-3 this season.

Do you think Antonio Brown will be fined by the league?

PLEASE NOTE that falsifying a COVID vaccination card is a federal crime offense.