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Antonio Brown cost the Steelers the return of Hines Ward!

AB cost the Steelers again.

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So, did controversial former Pittsburgh Steelers wideout Antonio Brown cost the franchise the return of a legendary player who would have taken a coaching role? It looks like it. 

It sounds as though Ward, who is coaching right now albeit with with the San Antonio Brahmas of the XFL, didn't return to Pittsburgh as wide receivers coach because of Brown. 

“It didn’t happen because Hines was telling me that he wanted to have final say,” Aditi Kinkhabwala told 93.7 The Fan. “He [Ward] wanted to be able to hold everyone accountable the way he wanted to. And at that point, AB already had his own rule. And Hines had gone to Mike Tomlin and said, ‘I can’t do this unless I get to make the rules, unless everyone adheres to what I want and how I want it done.’ And AB was already past that.”

Brown, who was just a second year wideout when Ward retired in 2011, talked about their reported feud in 2022. 

“I’m trying to tell him, ‘Hurry up and get out the way [laughs].’ When you in the NFL, it’s time to pave your own way, set your own principles. You know what I mean? At that point — Hines Ward was not the same guy I looked at in college … It’s my time, I’m going to take his spot. Like he need to be on the bench and watching me play,” Brown said.

Ward is almost certainly held in higher regard by Steelers fans these days, especially considering Brown's recent legal and personal troubles. 

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Source: FanSided