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Antonio Brown finally admits he was wrong!

It's about time.

The Football Feed

The Football Feed

It almost seems like there can't be a single week without former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown generating some controversy. Several months ago, it was the disturbing video of him exposing himself to shocked hotel guests in a swimming pool. It wasn't too long after that he went after his former teammate Tom Brady's wife! 

Of course, Brown found himself on the wrong side of the law when police showed up at his home to detain him stemming from alleged domestic abuse issues. And now, more shocking allegations have been released from the woman who accused Brown of domestic abuse - she says that he sent explicit video of himself to her son. 

All of this followed his bizarre quitting on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last season in the middle of a game, which came on the heels of even more diva-like behavior throughout his NFL career.

It appears as though he finally figured out that he was wrong all these years thinking that he was supposed to be the center of attention amongst all of his teammates. Brown, who is now a team owner after buying a stake in the Albany Empire of the National Arena League, took to Twitter this weekend to write the following: 

"As a owner I finally see now why it's important to make everyone know no one is bigger then the Team '! As a player I always thought opposite !"

Hey, it's a step in the right direction for the controversial former wide receiver. Let's hope he takes the ball on this new humility mindset and runs with it.