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Art Rooney II sends message to Steelers fans

He feels your pain.

The Football Feed

Pittsburgh Steelers owner Art Rooney II has made it clear that he values and wants feedback from the fan base, which is one of the biggest in the National Football League. 

For Rooney, he wants to have the feedback from the fans

“Well, number one we have great fans and we love how much they care about Steelers football and how much time they spend thinking about it," he said. "Giving us their opinions on it. I never complain about our fans giving us their opinions.”

Rooney also then detailed the strong attendance at Acrisure Stadium all season along, as well as strong television ratings to indicate that the fan passion is as strong as ever.

“We had great attendance at games this year. Great ratings on television this year and great attendance at away games. Just another great year for our fans to enjoy football and show their support.”

The full interview can be viewed below: 

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