NFL News : At least one person is blaming Jerry Jones for the Cowboys struggles
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At least one person is blaming Jerry Jones for the Cowboys struggles

Is he right?

Published on by Seth Galina in NFL News
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Over at Bloggin' the Boys, one author seems to think that Dallas' lack of depth, and that is on the front office and Jerry Jones is the biggest issue right now.

"The big issues in that 27-7 drubbing were the absence of Tyron Smith and the loss of Sean Lee at the end of the first quarter. In both cases, Dallas had no answer. The coaches certainly made some errors along the way, both in preparation for the game and in not finding ways to adjust adequately. But in hindsight, it is clear that the coaching staff was hamstrung (pun intended) by the lack of the right personnel."

"And this is a failing that falls largely on the top management for the team. Specifically Jerry Jones has to take responsibility for this. There have certainly been some misfires in the acquisition of players, but this is one area where Jones’ approach to that has shaped things. Now it is threatening to drop the Cowboys out of the playoffs altogether."

"You certainly can’t afford to invest too much in players who may not ever reach their potential because of injury. That is exactly what the Cowboys have done. And that falls squarely on the management of the team."

Maybe it wouldn't be that bad of an idea if Jerry was ousted from the league.


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Source: Bloggin The Boys
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