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Baker Mayfield's wife AGAIN calls out his teammates on social media!

This is the second time she's done this during the season!

Michael Whitaker

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield didn't have his best game yesterday against the Detroit Lions, albeit in a victory. He completed 15 of 29 pass attempts for 176 yards with a touchdown and two interceptions, and was clearly not at 100%. 

However, just as she did last month, his wife had something to say on social media.

Emily Mayfield took to social media to call out her husband's teammates and defend her husband in a now-deleted post: 

"No one better say anything bad about @bakermayfield after this game. I don't think I have seen toughness like this in a while. Maybe the rest of our team should take the hint and get tougher."

She would later clarify her comments on Twitter: 

"I also love the guys on this team. I respect every single one of them. Make a story out of whatever you want; I’m NEVER hating on them. They put it out there every week, many have injuries no one ever hears about, and they’re all tough as hell!"