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Bills fans brawl in the stands with one another!

Things are getting out of hand!

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The Football Feed

Things are understandably getting frustrating with the Buffalo Bills, who dropped their Monday Night game against the Denver Broncos by a 24-22 final score. The loss dropped the Bills to a pedestrian 5-5 record, while the Broncos improved to 4-5. 

This isn't what was expected of the Bills, who entered the season as one of the popular picks to contend for the Super Bowl. But as the losses and setbacks pile up, there is plenty of frustration to go around - and that frustration is spilling over into the stands amongst Buffalo's rabid fan base.

There was a massive brawl in the stands of Highmark Stadium between Bills fans that was captured on video and subsequently went viral on social media. Several punches were thrown, and one fan was eventually tossed down the stairs. Take a look for yourself: 

This was just the latest in what has been a series of brawls amongst fans in the stands, certainly not an environment to bring children to if these adults can't act like civilized human beings.

What kind of punishment should these moronic fans face? 

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Source: Twitter