Brady's answer to question about Garoppolo trade was epic

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Tom Brady stepped up to the plate and spoke with what sounded like honestly and dignity. That doesn't mean he isn't lying - but it sure sounded like he spoke the truth Tuesday when Brady did a radio interview with WEEI. 

Check out his answer a question referring to whether or not he celebrated the day after Jimmy Garoppolo was traded to San Francisco. Specficially, the ESPN bombshell report by Seth Wickersham said Brady had "a real bounce in his step," was "liberated,"  and was "hollering and cajoling with teammates" the day after Jimmy Garoppolo was traded to San Francisco. 

Here's what Brady said Tuesday:

"It's just such a poor characterization of... I've never in 18 years celebrated when someone has been traded, been cut... I think that's just, I would say that's just disappointing that a writer would express that, because it's so far from what my beliefs are about my teammates and I think I'm very empathetic towards other peoples' experiences.

I know those experiences aren't easy, I've never been traded or released but I can imagine how that might feel. And I would
never ever feel that way about when Jimmy got traded, when Jacoby got traded, I've kept in touch with all those guys, when Matt Cassell was gone, all these guys that I've worked with I feel like I've had such good relationships with. I've kept in touch with basically everybody, so to characterize that as a certain way is just completely wrong. 

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