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CBS blasts Steelers QB Russell Wilson

Did the Steelers make the right choice?

Michael W.

The Pittsburgh Steelers made the decision to completely overhaul their quarterback department, bidding goodbye to all three of Kenny Pickett, Mason Rudolph and Mitchell Trubisky. In their place, arriving in town are both Russell Wilson and Justin Fields. 

Wilson was signed for an inexpensive $1.21 million on a one year contract after being cut from the Denver Broncos after a disastrous two years. He threw for a total of 3,070 yards and 26 touchdowns with just eight interceptions in the 2023 season. While many consider him to be washed, the fact is that he brings championship experience to Pittsburgh. 

But in the mind of Pete Prisco of CBS, the Steelers made a mistake and it won't be Wilson who can get them over the hump and bring a Super Bowl back to the Steel City. 

“Yeah, I don’t think they’re gonna be very good. I think they’re gonna win seven games, and I think when you look at Russell Wilson, I don’t think he’s good anymore,” Prisco said . “I’ll be honest with you, I think his best years are behind him. It wouldn’t surprise me at some point if Justin Fields took over as the starter on this team. I think they’re gonna struggle throwing the football much like they have for the last couple of years. I do. I just don’t see the same guy [Wilson] anymore."

They’re gonna be more physical eventually as they get that offensive line worked out, and they’re gonna get the offensive line worked out,” Prisco said. “They had a good draft as it relates to that. It might take a little time and they are in the best division."

Just how will Wilson perform in his first season with the Steelers, and can he more closely resemble the quarterback that helped bring a title to Seattle earlier in his career? 

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