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CeeDee Lamb has funny insult for Dak Prescott

All in good fun!

The Football Feed

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott and wide receiver CeeDee Lamb have been longtime friends and teammates, and now that Prescott finds himself on the other side of 30 years of age, he’s embracing his role as one of the elder statesman on the roster.

In fact, Lamb had some funny words for his buddy.

“He hates to hear it, but he’s an old man. I told him, ‘If anybdy’s 30 years old, you will not be able to guard me, right?’ I was talking as far as a defensive player. Dak was like, “Easy, I’m finna to be 30 soon.’ I said, ‘Well, you better keep warming that shoulder up because soon enough I’m going to be able to outrun it.’
“He don’t act old, but it’s that Big 3-0 in this league is different. Obviously you got guys like Aaron Rodgers, who’s a great, and you got Tom Brady, who played until he was 45. Plenty of guys don’t do that, but I see Dak doing that.”

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with some good natured jabs between friends and teammates like these two!

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