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Chad Johnson fires back at Mike Tomlin critic Willie Colon

Chad Johnson is clearly in Mike Tomlin's corner!

Michael W.

Former Pittsburgh Steelers tackle Willie Colon, who helped the team to victory in Super Bowl XLIII over the Arizona Cardinals, recently went viral after suggesting that head coach Mike Tomlin's job could potentially be in danger. 

“I love Mike Tomlin, but this is, I have to officially say, he’s on the hot seat,” Colon said. “And when you talk about his overall record, you talk about in 17 seasons, he has an eight and 10 playoff record, only four seasons with playoff wins and he’s had some bona fide teams even with Ben Roethlisberger. The issue with Mike Tomlin right now is he wins games he’s supposed to win, but loses games he shouldn’t lose. I’m saying to myself, ‘well, who are the Pittsburgh Steelers?’ Are they the bullies, or ae they the dweebs right now? If you lost to the Patriots and the Cardinals, you look like the dweebs.”

“It’s one thing to get to the table, but once you get there, I agree that’s always gonna hang over his head until he gets there,” Colon said. “Personally, I just want the stank to get off him. You talk about all the people that say he’s a mediocre head coach. I hate that. He’s a damn good head coach.”

However, coming to Tomlin's defense was none other than former Cincinnati Bengals wideout Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson, who had the following to say in response to Colon: 

“For one, the only Willie Colon I know is the Spanish singer,” Johnson said on the NightCap Show. “Let’s start there, okay, so, I’m trying to understand, Mr. Willie Colon, why his words and how he feels and what he’s saying hold any weight, why it holds any weight. Tell Willie, go sit down somewhere, man. Tell Willie to go sit. I know Willie Parker. I don’t know no Willie Colon. Listen, his name holds no weight, no disrespect. Listen, I’m a Bengal. I’m a Bengal fan at heart talking for the Steelers organization because I don’t know who the hell this Willie Colon is.”

It's clear that Johnson is in Tomlin's corner, despite having played for a rival organization! 

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