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Cowboys: Getting Mazi Smith is like “Christmas”

They're loving their newest draft pick!

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The Football Feed

With the 26th overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys decided to beef up their defense by taking University of Michigan defensive tackle Mazi Smith. And needless to say, they're excited to have him.

"It's like Christmas," head coach Mike McCarthy said from Smith's first official press conference. "When you look at all the work that goes into it, going back to his [Official] 30 visit, and just what a great fit he is for us … I just want him to be himself. He is a great fit for us."

Meanwhile, team executives also are thrilled to have Smith in town, saying that it absolutely does feel like the holiday that everyone waits for all year! 

"We tell these young men, like Mazi, you're here for a reason [on an Official 30 visit]," said Executive Vice President and Director of Player Personnel Stephen Jones. "We have a sincere interest in you. As you know, most of our picks have come out of that group of 30. He's very comfortable and you can just see his energy."

"You can see it in his face that he loves ball, he loves everything about it. All the coaches that met with him agree that he'd be a great fit in this organization, and for him to fall down there to us and for us to have the opportunity to pick him, I feel like Mike. I feel like it's Christmas."

Cowboys fans, does it feel like Christmas for you to have Mazi Smith?