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Cowboys interested in future Hall of Fame RB?

Could this be a possibility?

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Could the Dallas Cowboys be potentially looking at another offensive weapon who is a shoo-in to be a future Hall of Fame? Don't be surprised to see it happen, according to a report from The Dallas Star-Telegram.

Free agent running back Adrian Peterson, who hasn't suited up in the NFL since 2022 and sat out last season, said that he's not decided to retire yet.

“Mentally, I haven’t officially hung it up,” Peterson said. “We’ll see what happens. My mindset is, if God’s willing maybe an opportunity presents itself and maybe it happens this season. I’ll go from there to your. But nothing happens this season. For sure, I will be hanging it up.”

For Peterson, who grew up a Cowboys fan, the chance at surpassing Barry Sanders for 4th all time is an alluring temptation. Right now, Peterson has racked up 14,918 career rushing yards, only 351 behind Sanders.

“He set a standard there,” Peterson said of Sanders. “You see why it’s been there for such a long time. I feel like I had the great opportunity to do it. Unfortunately, I experienced some hiccups throughout my career and you know, injuries and things like that, just wasn’t able to get there. So I think it’ll stand for a long time. And you know, maybe eventually someone or break it but when you look at see how the NFL is going now. It might might not happen.

“How things are going in NFL it’s gonna be hard for someone to really break a record. But I can tell you this there’s no other person to be holding that spot. Emmitt is a great guy. He inspired so many people, me growing up, being a Cowboys fan. So I got so much love for him.”

Could the Cowboys come calling to Peterson, especially after deciding to move on from Ezekiel Elliott earlier this offseason?