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Cowboys kicker Brandon Aubrey ties NFL record!

Congrats to him!

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The Dallas Cowboys have been getting steady production out of rookie kicker Brandon Aubrey, who has now forever etched himself into the NFL record books. 

He has tied the NFL record for most field goals without missing to start his career with 18 thanks to his pair of field goals made this afternoon at AT&T Stadium against the Los Angeles Rams. One of the field goals he nailed was from 58 yards. 

The record was set back in the 2015 season by Cleveland Browns kicker Travis Coons. Should Aubrey hit his next field goal attempt successfully, he will officially have the mark for himself. 

"I feel like I didn't come in as a rookie," Aubrey said Wednesday. "I feel more like a sophomore having played in the USFL for a couple years, but I know it's not exactly the same [as the NFL]. As a kicker, it kind of is the same. You just have your operation to deal with [the snap, hold and kick], but I didn't really feel the same way as when I was coming to my rookie year in the MLS. I'm more mature, I knew what to expect. I'm ready for what it meant to be a professional athlete, which I can't say was true of my MLS rookie year."

"Yeah, absolutely," Aubrey said when asking if he is having fun out there. "Just kicking one ball, doing my job. You got a field goal opportunity to go make, you just go and do your best to make that opportunity. That's [the record] something you don't think about. I have never been a big history guy, so I don't think about it."

Meanwhile, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott had an interesting comparison for Aubrey after last week's victory over the Chargers.

"He is butter," Prescott said." "Butter Aubrey. Smooth, always has been since the day he showed up. I am a big fan of his game. I met and have known him years before he became a Dallas Cowboy. One of my best friends trains him. To know his story and following him when he was in the USFL and then for us to take a chance on him when we had another kicker [Tristan Vizcaino] in the preseason. He's an athlete playing kicker. When you have that, he has been a professional in soccer, in another football league and now in the NFL, he is mature as hell. Butter with it. Smooth. No surprise."

"I'm happy he [Prescott] has a good feeling for me," Aubrey said. He learned of the nickname in the locker room after practice Wednesday when chatting with local media. "I hadn't heard it before."

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Source: CBS Sports