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Cowboys' Micah Parsons: “It's unacceptable!”

He's telling it like it is after the latest Cowboys loss on the road.

The Football Feed

It isn't a secret that the Dallas Cowboys are far better at home than they are on the road this season. Their 10-4 record overall has been good enough to assure them a spot in the NFL playoffs; however, while being a perfect 7-0 at home, they're a less than spectacular 3-4 away from AT&T Stadium.

Their latest road setback came in the form of an embarrassing defeat at the hands of the rival Buffalo Bills on Sunday afternoon, and they're heading right back out on the road for a matchup this weekend against the 10-4 Miami Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium on Christmas Eve.

For All-Pro linebacker Micah Parsons, their road woes aren't something that the team should be okay with.

"Honestly, it's unacceptable at this point," Parsons said. "There's no excuse for it. It's mind-boggling and I don't understand why we're not playing well, and why we're not coming together on the road. We've something we need to look at and get better at, because we're back on the road next week."

It's going to be a tough test for the Cowboys, who want to position themselves in the best possible way before the postseason begins. 

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