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Cowboys' Micah Parsons stoked after shutout win

No mercy!

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The Football Feed

There was absolutely no mercy shown by the Dallas Cowboys against the New York Giants Sunday night, dominating them to the tune of a 40-0 final score at MetLife Stadium in front of a sold-out crowd. 

For All-Pro linebacker Micah Parsons, it wasn't anything unusual at all. In fact, its what was fully expected - especially coupled with head coach Mike McCarthy's mantra of "Carpe Omnia"...aka "Seize everything". 

"Yeah, no doubt in my mind," Parsons said afterward. "I saw it [coming] before anybody. I said that I couldn't wait to get to New York. I knew this was coming. When preparation meets execution, I don't think there's anyone who can beat it. We prepare like we've already felt this, like we've already been to war before." 

"We already knew the standard. We knew what happened last year and remembering what we're capable of. It's just about being capable of doing it every week." 

The Cowboys defense got to Giants quarterback Daniel Jones with four sacks on seven quarterback hits in the first half alone. Dallas would eventually rack up seven sacks along with 12 quarterback hits over the course of the game. While the Dallas offense was rolling, their defense didn't give New York a single opportunity. 

"I thought it was good — all three phases," said Parsons. "It started with the special teams with that big block [on the field goal], and I feel like we just carried the momentum and that shift from there. We never let up, which is a great sign because last year we might've let up a little bit. But we stayed on them [tonight]. 

"We smothered them."