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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones gets bad legal news

This isn't what he wanted to hear.

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Well, this is not the news that the Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager was hoping to hear. 

Jerry Jones had his appeal in a personal injury lawsuit that accuses him of sexual assault denied by the Texas Supreme Court, and the case can now be heard by a Dallas County district court. 

The woman who filed the suit claimed the assault accused in September of 2018 in the Tom Landry Room at AT&T Stadium in which Jones forcibly grabbed her while putting his tongue in her mouth without consent, and that it resulted in “severe injuries, emotional distress, psychological pain and suffering and medical expenses,” along with “headaches, dizziness, extreme sadness, night sweats, panic attacks, nausea, depression, PTSD, crying spells and other mental and physical problems.”

“Plaintiff has nightmares about what Jerry Jones did to her,” reads the complaint. “She has trouble focusing and completing day to day tasks at work and at home. Plaintiff gets nervous around men and has trouble being alone with men. Plaintiff cries often because of what Defendant Jerry Jones did to her and does not want any other woman to experience such assaults.”

Jones has denied the allegations.

"He's going to be held accountable," attorney Thomas Daniel Bowers told the Dallas Morning News. "There's no more dodging or delaying. It's time for justice."

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