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Critical update on Steelers' Pat Freiermuth

This bodes well!

The Football Feed

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been without tight end Pat Freiermuth since he suffered a hamstring injury last month, but there is good news to be shared. 

According to multiple reports, they've opened up the 21-day practice window for him, and he's trending towards taking the field with the rest of his teammates this Sunday as the Steelers take on the Cleveland Browns. The news was first reported by ESPN's Adam Schefter: 

He was a participant in practice earlier today, and is looking good: 

According to receiver Diontae Johnson, Freiermuth's return to the lineup will be a major boost for the Steelers. 

“It puts even more pressure on the defense,” Johnson said Wednesday, “because you can’t double everybody or cover everybody. Pat works the middle (of the field) and (receiver George Pickens) works the outside. So you can’t stop it (all). If they stop us on the outside by (double-teaming) us, Pat’s going to tear up the middle.”

The Steelers take on the Browns this Sunday in Cleveland starting at 1:00 PM. The Browns announced unfortunate injury news this afternoon, stating that quarterback DeShaun Watson will miss the remainder of the year. 

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