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Dak Prescott: Cowboys “fought our asses off” vs. Eagles

The Cowboys suffered their 3rd loss of the year.

The Football Feed

The Football Feed

In what was a back and forth affair on Sunday night, the Philadelphia Eagles were able to squeak out a victory against the rival visiting Dallas Cowboys, 28-23 the final score. 

One thing that quarterback Dak Prescott is going to hang his hat on is the fact that his team refused to quit. 

"It's a game of inches," said Prescott in his postgame remarks. "That's why you've gotta love this game: it's tough to win. We fought our asses off. Great NFC East matchup, and they came out with it tonight. An inch or two on one of those few plays and we'd be talking about a different outcome. They got this one. It sucks, and we'll take it and move forward and use the fight, a lot of the success — a lot of good things came out of this despite the loss. 

"… It sucks at the moment but a lot of good we can take from this and use going forward." 

Prescott, who threw for 374 passing yards (92 percent of the total offense) with three touchdowns and no interceptions, was unfortunately unable to help the Cowboys convert on a red zone opportunity late. 

"Sh-t, [I was thinking] we're gonna win," said Prescott. "At no point in my mind during that game did I think anything different. Obviously, it sucked not converting on that second-to-last possession, on that fourth down. We trust our defense and they go out there and get us the ball back with under a minute left, and I still had trust and faith in our guys that, given the work we've put in, we were gonna get it done. 

"We got close. We've just gotta get an inch here and an inch there, and we'll find ways to get [those]."

The Cowboys are going to have a chance to get back at it when they host the New York Giants next week at AT&T Stadium.

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