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Dak Prescott sounds off on potential Ezekiel Elliott return

Could Zeke actually make his way back to the Cowboys?

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The Football Feed

When the Dallas Cowboys made the call to cut ties with popular running back Ezekiel Elliott last month, it was certainly bit of a culture shock for quarterback Dak Prescott, who has played his entire career with the popular running back that was taken from Ohio State University in 2016. 

But what are the chances that Elliott could actually make his way back to the Cowboys? Team CEO Stephen Jones sounded open to the idea based on comments that he made, and now Prescott is openly endorsing the idea as well. 

During an appearance on The Adam Schefter Podcast, Prescott expressed a desire for his longtime teammate to remain deep in the heart of Texas.

“Zeke. That one still doesn’t feel right, going into the facility, and starting the off-season program. He’s been my locker buddy for years, a guy that I would go to war with and do anything for in this world. It’s tough not going to work with him now but he’s somebody I support. He won’t be a free agent for long and I don’t understand why he still is.” stated Prescott.

“I know myself, and I could tell you there’s a lot of people on not only the team but also within the organization that would love that. I’m sure Zeke would as well. We understand that this is a business, the markets change, and things go up and down. So it doesn’t always work out the way we see it. But hopefully, that could happen.”

Cowboys fans, how would you like to see Elliott return to Dallas next season?