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Dak Prescott strikes at media again

Prescott hits again!

The Football Feed

Last week after the Dallas Cowboys lost their first game of the season by falling to the Arizona Cardinals, quarterback Dak Prescott was clearly bothered by what he saw as the media rooting for a Dallas loss. 

"Y'all put us on top of the world," said Prescott after the loss. "We knew who we are. In that same sense, I'm sure the media got what it wanted. For us, there hadn't been but one undefeated team. It sucks, it's humbling, but to say it's a wake-up call, we knew we had a lot of adversity and we just didn't get it done. It just goes back to myself, the offense, in the red zone. We get better there, we win this game. But we've got to fix that area, period."

And to say that Prescott and the Cowboys rebounded in a big way would be an understatement. They picked apart the New England Patriots yesterday at AT&T Stadium, winning 38-3 and giving legendary Pats coach Bill Belichick the worst loss of his career. Prescott was 28 of 34 for 261 yards and a touchdown, and he was in a far better mood afterward. 

He was asked about the upcoming matchup against the San Francisco 49ers, who are responsible for ending the Cowboys season in the playoffs the last two years straight.

“It's obvious," he said. "We're so far past that, to be honest with you, but that's obvious. If you just wanna piss me off going into this weekend, I appreciate that.”

Prescott also gave a shoutout to the Cowboys defense, who were responsible for putting points on the board thanks to a pick-six from DaRon Bland.

“Just to sit back and watch the defense do that, it’s awesome,” said Prescott. “I’d love to get out there and throw it over and over and be back and forth. But, I sit back and cross my legs and wait another five, six minutes. If they want to score, keep doing it.”

Can the Cowboys improve their record to a pristine four wins next week? 

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