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Dak Prescott tied NFL history in Sunday's win

Put it in the books!

The Football Feed

It was nothing short of an absolutely dominating performance by the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night at MetLife Stadium while facing the host New York Giants. By the time it was all said and done, the Cowboys had put 40 points on the scoreboard, while holding the Giants to exactly zero points. 

And as the clock ticked down to no time remaining, just about every Giants fan had left the venue, leaving several thousands Cowboys fans remaining behind to cheer on their team on the road.

During the win, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott tied a particular NFL mark set by Aaron Rodgers, whom the team will no longer be facing this coming Sunday thanks to his stunning Achilles injury. With 91 passing yards in the first half of Sunday night's game, Prescott has racked up over 25,000 passing yards in his career, tying Rodgers as the only two players in League history who have picked up 25,000 passing yards as well as 1,500 rushing yards in their first 100 career NFL games. 

Let's hope that Prescott can lead the Cowboys to a win at AT&T Stadium this Sunday over the visiting New York Jets!

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