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Dak Prescott to Steelers heating up!

Could we see Prescott wearing the black and yellow of the Steelers?

Michael W.

One of the more intriguing storylines that will be taking up the attention of football fans everywhere is the future of quarterback Dak Prescott with the Dallas Cowboys. Right now, he's set to enter the 2024 NFL season without a new deal beyond the upcoming campaign, and there's been very little progress on an extension. 

Meanwhile, this season, the Pittsburgh Steelers are featuring Russell Wilson and Justin Fields under center as part of a completely revamped look at the quarterback position following the trade of Kenny Pickett. But could Prescott be a potential long term option for the Steelers? 

According to ESPN's Jeremy Fowler, Prescott could be a "long-term answer" for the Steelers considering Wilson is only under contract for one year. 

“Yeah, I’m thinking of Pittsburgh, right? Like, Russell Wilson, he may play great, but he’s on a one-year, $1 million minimum deal, right? And Justin Fields doesn’t have his fifth-year option picked up. Maybe he’s [Dak Prescott] a long-term answer,” Fowler said. 

This follows up on the comments of analyst Rich Eisen, who floated the possibility of Prescott in Pittsburgh long term back in March.

“What happens if the guy they went ahead and gave pole position (to) doesn’t work out? What if they get a look at Justin Fields and say he’s not the guy,” Eisen said on The Rich Eisen Show. “Maybe the Steelers are all in. Right now their offense costs nothing. I don’t even think it’s $15 million. They’ll have the money to give Dak a multiple of that. I think the Steelers might be in on Dak and let him finish his career in Pittsburgh.”

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Source: Steelers Now