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Dallas Cowboys once again are NFL's most valuable team


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The Dallas Cowboys have been owned by the enigmatic Jerry Jones since his purchase of the franchise for $140 million from team owner and friend H.R. “Bum” Bright. Of course, the team is worth a bit more these days. 

The Cowboys are currently valued at $9 billion, making them the most valuable sports franchise not only in the NFL, but in the entire world. And if Jones wanted to sell the team, he believes that he could net an even larger return. In fact, Jones believes that the Cowboys are worth up to $10 billion! 

The most recent ranking of all NFL teams had the Cowboys slotting into the top spot, as per usual. They were followed by the New England Patriots at $7 billion, the Los Angeles Rams at $6.9 billion, the New York Giants at $6.8 billion, and the Chicago Bears at $6.3 billion. 

The full list: 

1) Cowboys: $9B
2) Patriots: $7B
3) Rams: $6.9B
4) Giants: $6.8B
5) Bears: $6.3B
6) Raiders: $6.2B
7) Jets: $6.1B
8) Commanders: $6.05B
9) 49ers: $6B
10) Eagles: $5.8B
11) Dolphins: $5.7B
12) Texans: $5.5B
13) Broncos: $5.1B
14) Seahawks: $5B
15) Falcons: $4.7B
16) Vikings: $4.65B
17) Ravens: $4.63B
18) Steelers: $4.63B
19) Browns: $4.62B
20) Packers: $4.6B
21) Titans: $4.4B
22) Colts: $4.35B
23) Chiefs: $4.3B
24) Bucaneers: $4.2B
25) Chargers: $4.15B
26) Panthers: $4.1B
27) Saints: $4.08B
28) Jaguars: $4B
29) Cardinals: $3.8B
30) Bills: $3.7B
31) Lions: $3.6B
32) Bengals: $3.5B

Last year, Jones spoke about how the value of his franchise has increased over the years and what he believes are the factors behind that. 

“So how does it feel to see some of these values now, and see the value of the Dallas Cowboys now?” Jones continued. “Just go back to the early days, and you can see how the game has improved and become such a part of American life. Did you know that 7 percent of fans have ever gone to an NFL stadium? The rest fell in love with it through the viewing of the games. The pageantry, the aura, the interest of a fan base, the fact that an Al Michaels can relay the excitement of the game to a fan base. You put that up beside anything in society today, and you’ll increase the value. That’s where these values are being appreciated." 

“Add in the Amazon [streaming] deal, the potential with some of the new technology. The NFL, in my mind, the visibility, the volume, the overall passion, you frankly can’t get it anywhere else. That’s why all these people want a piece of it.”

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