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Dan Quinn could be leaving the Cowboys

He's going to be a highly-sought after commodity.

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The Football Feed

The Dallas Cowboys are set to take on the Green Bay Packers this weekend in the opening round of the NFL postseason, but there are already rumors swirling that this could be the final playoff run with Dan Quinn as defensive coordinator. 

For linebacker Micah Persons, he knows that it's a possibility. 

"Dan's my guy," Parsons told reporters Thursday. "And if he do leave me, it's always love. He might take me with him, you never know."

Parsons knows that coaches departing for new locations is just par for the course in the NFL, and acknowledges that if this is the last go-around with Quinn as defensive coordinator, they want to make sure that it's a good one. 

"It's the nature of the business," Parsons said. "It could possibly be my last ride with Q. And if it is, we're gonna make sure it's a damn good one."

Parsons had no shortage of compliments for Quinn:

"That's like my OG, for real. He means a lot to me, not only cause, it's not just about football," Parsons said. "I think Q, we were talking today, and I was like, 'Could you do the college thing?' Cause of [Nick] Saban [retiring] and all them. And he was like, 'Yeah.' And I was like, 'Cause you're just such a great mentor.'

"I think he does a great job finding ways for you to love the game, finding ways to go around the game. It doesn't always have to be hard-nosed, 'I'm the coach.' I think it's more of a friendship. We go through what I don't like, what I do like. He doesn't just treat me like a player, he treats me almost like a friend. He's always there when I need him and we're not afraid to have those hard conversations, either it's father to son or player to coach, we have them no matter what."

The Cowboys and Packers are set to play one another from AT&T Stadium tomorrow afternoon starting at 4:30 PM EST. Will the Cowboys and Quinn advance?