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Dan Quinn delivers parting message to Cowboys fans

He's now the head coach of the Commanders.

The Football Feed

Dan Quinn is now officially the head coach of the Washington Commanders, having departed the Dallas Cowboys after three years as their defensive coordinator. 

And he couldn't leave without issuing a proper goodbye to the franchise, ownership and fans, of whom he has nothing but good things to say. 

“After being out of coaching for a period, I was looking for somewhere to bring back my joy,’’ Quinn told The Dallas Morning News. “My time in Dallas did that and so much more.

“I’m so grateful for the opportunity I had, not just to coach with Mike McCarthy, but for a friendship — that may now be tested twice a year — but will always be valued.’’

“Jerry and the Jones family have built one of the greatest organizations in all of sports and yet have a way of making it feel like you’re simply part of a family,’’ Quinn said. “Thankful to have been a part of that family filled with some of the finest men I have ever coached, and coached with.

“Thank you, Cowboy Nation. I will always be grateful for my time in Dallas.’’

Cowboys fans, how are you going to remember Quinn's time in Dallas, and how do you expect him to perform in his new role as head coach of the Washington Commanders? 

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