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Dan Quinn officially leaves the Dallas Cowboys

The Dan Quinn era is over.

The Football Feed

The Dan Quinn era with the Dallas Cowboys has officially come to an end. 

Quinn was hired as the head coach of the Washington Commanders earlier today, meaning that the Cowboys are now in the market for a new defensive coordinator to replace Quinn. 

This will be Quinn's second go-around as an NFL head coach, as he previously was the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons from 2015 to 2020; he was fired in his last season after the Falcons lost their first five games. He was also at the helm for Atlanta's infamous Super Bowl loss to the New England Patriots after having led 28-3. 

The potential of his joining the Commanders reached new levels after Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson decided to take his name out of the running and remain with the Lions for another season. 

Thanks for everything Dan, and best of luck in Washington (just not against Dallas).

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