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Even more bad news for Ezekiel Elliott

Well, this isn't what he was counting on.

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The Football Feed

The Dallas Cowboys made the call to part ways with running back Ezekiel Elliott, who they made their 1st round draft selection out of Ohio State University in 2016. And according to reports, Elliott has allegedly narrowed down his "wish list" to three teams: the Bengals, Eagles, and Jets. 

However, the bad news for Elliott is that none of those teams appear to be interesting in his services.

According to Bengals head coach Zac Taylor, he apparently wasn't even aware that Elliott was eying the Bengals. 

“There’s a lot of great players that are available right now,” Taylor said. “We like our team as where it’s at right now. But it’s always funny when things get thrown around. Sometimes, it’s the first you hear of it. But that’s just the way life works.”

Meanwhile, according to NBC Sports Philadelphia, the “Eagles have not engaged in conversations” with the former division rival running back, and they “are happy with the running backs they have now.”

What's more, the Seahawks have yet to comment on any potential interest in Elliott.

The 27 year old running back racked up career lows in 2022 in rushing attempts (231), rush yards (876) and rushing average (3.8). He departs Dallas third all time in team history in rushing yards behind that of Emmitt Smith and Tony Dorset.