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Ex-Cowboys DE Greg Hardy denies working at Walmart

Well, which is it?

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Former Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy's National Football League career would come to a close after allegations of domestic abuse, and he would soon venture into the world of Mixed Martial Arts. But is he now just a regular Joe working at a regular job? 

It appeared that Hardy now works selling Spectrum contracts at a Garland, Texas Walmart location based on a video that he posted: 

However, he would post a follow up video in which he would claim that he was simply joking: 

"Yo, don't believe this s**t, man," Hardy said. "Gotta clear things up because it's 2023 and y'all be wildin if people don't defend themselves. Obviously I don't work at Walmart. I'm trying to learn some new skills, and if y'all been paying attention, you know that's what I do. I infiltrate, start the bottom, learn the skills, then attack. That's how we made over a million in the UFC, bro. We gonna keep going."

In 75 career NFL games, Hardy would amass 238 total tackles, 40 sacks, one interception, 16 pass deflections, and eight forced fumbles. 

Source: MMA News