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Ex-Cowboys wideout released from prison

His time in the slammer is done.

The Football Feed

Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Sam Hurd, who plead guilty in 2013 for trafficking of cocaine and marijuana, has been released from prison after serving nearly a decade. 

However, he's not completely free yet, as he's been sent to a confinement community in San Antonio where he'll remain until a scheduled release date at the end of May. 

After playing collegiate football at Northern Illinois, Hurd was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Cowboys in 2006. After playing five years with Dallas, he would eventually ink a three year contract with the Chicago Bears in 2011. 

His NFL career would end with 53 receptions for 739 yards and two touchdowns.

He would be arrested outside of a steakhouse as part of a federal sting while trying to buy and distribute drugs.