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Ex-NFL scout: Mike Tomlin must be fired by Steelers!

It's time for the Steelers to move on from Mike Tomlin in the eyes of a notable former NFL scout!

Michael W.

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin has been a mainstay with the franchise since 2007, but is it time for the two sides to part ways with each other? 

While speaking on his "Three and Out" podcast, former NFL scout John Middlekauff stated in no uncertain terms that he feels the franchise is in "trouble" if they continue to move forward with Tomlin as head coach. In fact, he believes he should have been let go last year. 

"I thought they should’ve moved on from Tomlin last year," Middlekauff said. "Like I said, it’s time for a new start… I think the Steelers are in a little bit of trouble. They’re not going to be terrible, but I kinda view them in the same range they’ve been in."

Since Tomlin took over head coaching duties in 2007, he's guided the Steelers to a Super Bowl victory along with a pair of AFC championships, seven division titles, and 11 playoff berths. 

But just how much would the Steelers benefit from a new voice if they decided to move on from Tomlin, who is now the NFL's longest tenured coach? 

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