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Ex-Steelers RB James Conner is 7 years cancer-free!


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It's an important milestone for former Pitt and Pittsburgh Steelers running back James Conner, who is going on seven years now being cancer free! 

Conner was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma during his days at Pitt, and made the incredible announcement that he'd beaten the disease in a short time later in2016. 

"I will play football again. I will be at Heinz Field again. I have the best coaches and teammates in the country. I thank God I chose Pitt because now I also have the best doctors in the country and together we will win. I know this city has my back," Conner said seven years ago. 

Connor, who now plays for the Arizona Cardinals, spent four years with the Steelers and racked up a total of 2,302 yards and 26 touchdowns. 

However, in a podcast appearance in 2019, Connor revealed that the situation was far more serious than he initially let on, explaining that doctors told him that he essentially had a week to live if he didn't receive immediate treatment.

"[The doctor] said you got about a week if you didn't get this treated," Conner recalled. "You had about a week, at the rate it was growing."

Thankfully, Connor did get the life-saving treatment that he needed, and told the dreaded disease to take a hike.

As of 2022, he's racked up a total of 3,836 yards, 207 receptions and 44 touchdowns. 

Source: CBS News