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Ezekiel Elliott linked to top AFC team

Is this his new destination?

The Football Feed

The Dallas Cowboys are going to be looking considerably different next season, given the fact that they decided to part ways with popular former 2016 1st round Draft selection Ezekiel Elliott. 

For whatever reason, Elliott has still been unable to find a new NFL team to suit up for, and his reported wish list of teams allegedly had no interest in bringing him in. But right now, it looks as though a top AFC team who is in the midst of their championship window could be thinking about giving him a look. 

According to Yardbarker's Michael Gallagher, Elliott could fit in nicely with the Buffalo Bills:

"Elliott had double-digit rushing touchdowns in three of the last four seasons, including the last two years. He may not be the 1,400-yard back he once was, but for a reasonable salary (in the $3 million to $4 million range), he might make a lot of sense for teams needing RB depth like the Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, Denver Broncos or New York Jets."

Elliott, to his credit, has been staying in shape during the offseason in hopes of attracting interest from another team. There have even been reports that the Cowboys could even decide to bring him back in 2023 despite having parted ways with him at conclusion of the 2022 NFL season that saw Dallas fall once again in the playoffs to the San Francisco 49ers. 

Just how good would Elliott look as another weapon for quarterback Josh Allen and the rest of the Bills, who are thirsty for a championship in the worst way?

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