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Flight delay kept Cooper Rush with Cowboys!

Sometimes the best laid plans!

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The Dallas Cowboys made the call to re-sign quarterback Cooper Rush to a two year contract worth up to $6 million with the first year and a signing bonus fully guaranteed in the deal. 

And as fate would have it, it turned out to be a flight delay that actually went a long way towards Rush remaining with the Cowboys! Before agreeing to re-sign with Dallas, Rush was about to fly to Las Vegas to meet with the Raiders, and also had interest from the Cincinnati Bengals. 

“I think one guy noticed me,” Rush said of his time at the airport. “I don’t know if anybody else did.”

However, inclement weather delayed his flight. And while he was waiting, an offer came through from the Cowboys that he decided to accept. 

“Just the timing of it, the Cowboys came in with a good deal,” Rush said. “As weird as it is, it was around the same time I was kind of waiting to leave.”

It was Rush who was summoned into service for the Cowboys last season after Prescott suffered a broken thumb. He would finish the season completing 84-of-162 passing attempts for a total of 1,051 yards and five touchdowns, while also going 4-1 in his time as starter.

“It’s hard just as a competitor, but I finally got to look back and it felt like six years ago, the beginning of the season,” he said. “But it’s fun to look back, see what we did, look at the whole picture of the season, see how much it helped into those early games, as well as the defense picking us up. When you’ve waited that long and finally got to do it over an extended period of time, not just one game, and what you learn from being that guy for five weeks, it’s different than just one game and stop. Now it’s getting the rhythm of being the starter, what you learn, what you didn’t do well. I definitely wanted to reflect on that.”

Source: ESPN