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Jalen Hurts signed multi-year contract with Keurig

After signing a very lucrative contract with the Eagles

Emricka Moreau

After signing one of the most lucrative contracts in NFL history, Jalen Hurts has just added another contract to his paycheck.

As reported by the Financial Post, the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback has signed a multi-year contract with Keurig Dr. Pepper. Details of the deal haven't been released yet but it wouldn't be surprising if they paid top dollar to get the star QB's visibility.

The popular beverage brand is also promoting an energy drink while trying to dissuade people from going for popular choices like redbull and Monster. A Shoc beverage is apparently promoting healthy lifestyle from his customers which is really important for the 24 years old Eagles player.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have equity in a few places, to be part of the brand. Prioritizing the health of athletes and consumers, that’s really important to me.”

-Jalen Hurts