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Jerry Jones angry at Brandin Cooks for airplane flight

Jerry wasn't feeling so high about that.

The Football Feed

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Brandin Cooks has drawn the ire of team owner and general manager Jerry Jones after he flew a small airplane over Lumen Field in Seattle prior to their preseason game last week against the Seattle Seahawks. Both Micah Parsons and Stephon Gilmore were along for the ride with him. 

Cooks happens to be a licensed pilot, but that didn't stop Jones from saying that he'd prefer not to have his players doing that.

“One thing I want to do is chastise Cooks for getting in that airplane with the best part of the team and flying up there with them, looking around Seattle,” Jones said. “Boy, I’m glad I didn’t know that was going on. But I would have to tell him part-time pilots, in my mind, are not the way to go.”

Cooks has since said that he won't be doing that again any time soon, and wouldn't have had this been during the regular season.

“That’s all done with,” Cooks said. “We had fun. I’m thankful that my guys trusted me to get up there. But now it’s (time to) focus on football. It was preseason. I would never do something like that during the regular season.”

It does not sound like Jones was thrilled with some of his players taking a ride in the sky before their game! 

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