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Jerry Jones compares Dak Prescott to Tom Brady

Jerry once again has words for Prescott.

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There are certain things that get better with age, and now-former NFL quarterback Tom Brady was certainly among them. Brady continued to win championships north of the age of 40 - and according to Dallas Cowboys general manager and owner Jerry Jones, he feels that Dak Prescott can have a similar career path. 

"I've really felt for quite a while that Dak has the ability," Jones said Friday at the NFL Scouting Combine. "I don't want to dare do this to Dak or me or anybody, but I think just as (Tom) Brady became, in my mind, better and better and more impactful on how [his team] won as he got into his career, I think Dak really has those qualities. I think he can get better."

However, Jones also had this to say about the impending salary squeeze and the difficulty that could arise in putting a team around Prescott: 

"You can't pay that position at that level, take that much of the available dollars and then put the exact thing around him," he said. "When Dak first got here, we had one of the best offensive lines, in my mind, that had been put on the field in a long time. And he had that. So we had skill around him, especially offensively.

"Well, when you do what you do today and invest in a quarterback the way you do with these premium quarterbacks, that automatically has to be diminished. And so, when you ask me the supporting cast around him, it'll be hard to get to a supporting cast the way he did when he started his career."

However, don't expect Prescott to relinquish his starting role any time soon. 

"When I see something on the field that would logically tell you, you need to start looking ahead past Dak, I don't see that kind of thing happening in the next years," Jones said. "And I say years."