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Jerry Jones, Cowboys are prepared to forget Zack Martin!

Oh boy.....

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The contract holdout for Dallas Cowboys Pro Bowler and team captain Zack Martin has continued, as he’s been a no-show so far at training camp. As indicated earlier in the month; he feels that he’s not being fairly compensated for his services as compared to his peers.

According to team owner and general manager Jerry Jones, it sounds as though they're preparing to move on without him. In Jones' words, Martin could easily suffer a season ending injury on the very next play, so it would be a similar situation.

"You realize that not having him here, it could happen (via injury) on the next play,'' Jones said. "You got to put that one on and say you just move on here without him.''

Right now, there's no plan in place for the team to negotiate or "compromise" on what they feel is fair payment for Martin, and frankly, Jones doesn't appear to care about "precedent" by other players at Martin's position getting paid more than he is. 

“It’s not about precedent, it’s about facts,” Jones said. "We need the money to pay (Micah) Parsons (in the future). We need the money to pay the players that we got to pay in the future. That’s a fact.”

Despite the fact that Martin has made eight Pro Bowls and has been a first-team All Pro six times and second-team All Pro twice in the nine seasons he's played for Dallas since being drafted in 2014, it sounds as though Jones is not going to be budging. Should Martin swallow his pride and just report to the Cowboys, or hold firm in his own right and attempt to sway Jones' mind? 

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