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Jerry Jones delivers message to holdout Zack Martin

His contract dispute continues.

The Football Feed

The contract holdout for Dallas Cowboys Pro Bowler and team captain Zack Martin has continued, as he’s been a no-show so far at training camp.

As indicated earlier in the month; he feels that he’s not being fairly compensated for his services as compared to his peers.

And you can bet that team owner and general manager Jerry Jones has something to say about it.

You have to have agreements that are solid, or you couldn't maintain a roster – if you re-shuffle the deck every time. Nothing to do with Zack at all,” Jones said.

The facts are, at all times, you have to rely on those contracts. This isn't reflective of Zack. But you've got to rely on the integrity of the contract,” Jones continued. 

The Cowboys will not be the same team without Martin suiting up for them.

Which side between Martin and Jones and the Cowboys are going to blink first when it comes to this contract stand-off?

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