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Jerry Jones endorses Dak Prescott for major NFL award

Is he worthy, though?

The Football Feed

There is no doubt in the mind of Dallas Cowboys team owner and general manager Jerry Jones as to which player should be named the NFL's Most Valuable Player. 

While doing an interview with 105.3 The Fan, Jones named quarterback Dak Prescott as his choice. 

"I do, I certainly do," Jones responded when asked if Prescott should be in the MVP conversation. "He's put together a series of games that are the best of his career in my view. It's the fact that he's doing them back to back. ... Boy is he really in a position where it's not only physical, but it's mental. He's really showed us that the hard work and time he has put in and frankly the adjustments that have been made over the past year, we're really seeing the fruits of that."

Prescott currently has a quarterback rating of 72.6, and has thrown for 2,415 yards and 17 touchdowns this season.

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