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Jerry Jones fires shot at the Bengals

The Cowboys team owner and GM is t it again!

Michael W.

While taking the stand in the ongoing "NFL Sunday TIcket" trial, Dallas cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones couldn't help but fire a subtle jab at the Cincinnati Bengals. 

“I am convinced I would make a lot more money than the Bengals,” Jones said via the Associated Press. “I’m completely against each team doing TV deals. It is flawed.”

Meanwhile, here's what NFL analyst Mike Florio had to say about the situation, revealing that Jones and Bengals owner Mike Brown have been adversaries: 

"[Jones’] selection of the Bengals wasn’t random or accidental. Jones and Bengals owner Mike Brown have a longstanding feud regarding revenue sharing. As NFL legend has it, Jones and Brown once got into a heated argument during an ownership meeting over Brown’s refusal to sell naming rights to Paul Brown Stadium." 

This certainly adds a little more intrigue to their regular season matchup in Week 13 at AT&T Stadium on December 9. 

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