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Jerry Jones sounds off on Trevon Diggs' season-ending ACL tear

How big a loss is this?

The Football Feed

It was the news that fans of the Dallas Cowboys did not want to hear this week, as Trevon Diggs was lost for the season thanks to a torn ACL. 

And in the ultimate "no-s**t" statement, he's not a player that you can easily just replace.

"You can't do that," Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones said, according to The Athletic. "That's just not real. That's like saying, 'I want to be Tom Cruise.' You don't replace these irreplaceable players."

One of the NFL's best playmaking cornerbacks, Diggs was already off to a very good start in 2023 before going down with his injury. 

"No one has the impact that [Diggs] has," Jones said, per Yahoo! Sports. "The facts are that we do have depth. We don't have depth with someone (of) his very unique qualities."

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