Kansas City Chiefs LB Willie Gay arrested before playoff game!

The Chiefs are set to host the Bills Sunday night.

Michael Whitaker

The Kansas City Chiefs are preparing for their upcoming postseason matchup this weekend against the Buffalo Bills, but they're dealing with an off-field problem right now. 

Linebacker Willie Gay Jr. was arrested for misdemeanor property damage on Wednesday night while visiting the his childrens' mother's home, including a vacuum and wall and door frame. He was arrested and booked on a class B non-person misdemeanor, and is currently scheduled for arraignment at 2:30 p.m. local time on Thursday. 

His agents Maxx Lepselter and Ryan Rubin released the followings statement to KMBC: 

"Willie was at his sons house visiting. He and the mother got into an argument during which he broke her vacuum. No one was touched, nothing happened beyond broken appliance. She called cops about it and they took him in on misdemeanor destruction of property of less than $1000. Likely just pays a fine and replaces vacuum. Nothing more, all should be resolved today with no further issues. We will confirm when resolved."

The Chiefs haven't released a formal statement, though a team spokesman has said that "the club is aware of the incident."

Kansas City is set to host Buffalo in the NFL postseason Divisional Round at Arrowhead Stadium Sunday night.