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Kenny Pickett sounds off after trade from Steelers

He's now a member of the Eagles.

The Football Feed

The Football Feed

The Kenny Pickett era with the Pittsburgh Steelers came to a sudden and surprising end last week, as he was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles not long after it was announced that the team had signed veteran Russell Wilson to a one-year contract. 

According to reports, Pickett was dealt after expressing discontent with the acquisition of Wilson, as well as reportedly refusing to dress as a backup quarterback near the end of last season. 

Now, Pickett is a backup to Jalen Hurts, and for him, it's a full circle moment considering that his dad grew up as an Eagles fan. 

"My dad grew up in Philly for a couple years before he went over to Ocean Township, so I think that's where it started and then he passed it down to me," Pickett said. "I have vivid memories of them running out of the tunnel and now I'll be doing the same trot. It's pretty exciting.

"This is a good reset, I think. Having a chance to play on this team in that quarterback room with a couple of great guys (Jalen Hurts, Tanner McKee), helping those guys out any way I can, be ready to play when my number is called somewhere down the road, it's a crazy, crazy business. I'm just trying to put my best foot forward and be an asset for this team."

Pickett also reaffirmed that he loves playing football and aims to rise above the adversities that he's faced during his career with a fresh start in Philadelphia. 

"I think you always learn more from the adversities in life than a lot of your success stories," said Pickett. "Just putting my head down and going back to work, doing what I love. I love to play the game. I want to get back to having fun, get a chance to meet these guys. I already feel like it's a great environment here with this coaching staff and these players.

"That's what I want to get back to."